Haier | Air Conditioner

Haier | Air Conditioner

Product Features

Power/Soft Mode

When the Power/Soft button is pressed, the indoor unit will produce more air flow higher than the standard high fan speed, thus cooling the area faster and even more.


​Bacteria Killing Filter

The new Haier Bacteria-killing filter combines 3 effects in 1: Anti-allergen, anti-virus, and anti-bacteria protection to keep your room air clean and healthy. It deactivates and protects you from dust mites, pollen, viruses and bacteria.


Why choose Haier?

Haier is committed to constantly innovating and improving its products to make consumers’ lives simpler and easier, increasingly bringing corporate knowledge and efforts to bear in the joint effort to create a perfect world.

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Service & Support

Haier's service and support team is ready to help you with any questions about your Haier products.

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